One Lovely Blog Award: I Nominate…

Yesterday I found out I was nominated by the lovely breakfast with words for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you’re nominated for this award, you have to share 7 facts about yourself, follow the person who nominated you and then nominate 15 other bloggers. Although, some people have changed the rules around with this nomination, so don’t feel pressured to follow ­čÖé

Since I share writing tips and do the odd book review on this blog, these facts will be writing and book-related.

So here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. The first books I read were the Sweet Valley High series, the Nancy Drew series and the Anne of Green Gables series.
  2. I wrote my first creative story in second grade and it was about a lizard living in Canada.
  3. The Time Traveler’s Wife has been the only book so far to make me cry.
  4. I had a short story published in an anthology when I was about 13.
  5. My top 3 favourite authors are Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen and J.R.R. Tolkien.
  6. I write best at night, when most of the day’s chores and to-do’s have been crossed off the list.
  7. My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy.

And here are the 15 bloggers I nominate for this award:


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