Friday Favourites

Follow Friday: Unique Perspectives On Writing

I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a weekly “Follow Friday” on this blog, taking after the Twitter trend #FollowFriday. Each Friday, I’ll share some blogs I follow and recommend them to you. This week’s theme is unique perspectives on writing. I regularly come across awesome writing blogs that teach and inspire me–not just about writing, but about blogging as well. Here are some blogs that offer a fresh perspective on writing:

Just English This is a great blog that provides interesting facts and tidbits about the English language such as word origins, quotes, writing advice, Did You Know facts and idioms, among many other features. The thing I love most about this blog is the focus on learning.

Breakfast With Words- Breakfast With Words takes an honest look at an array of topics such as writing, music and life. There is a consistent schedule with Music Mondays, writing-related posts on Thursdays and Weekend Wrap-Up. The writing is candid, relatable and funny.

5 Writers, 5 Novels, 5 Months This is a blog consisting of 5 writers, who support each other as they write their novels and share their writing experiences. The posts take a fresh look at the writing process, often challenging traditional writing advice (which I love).

Check back here next Friday for some more blogs!


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