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Reflecting On The New Year

Christmas and 2015 are just around the corner, perfect opportunities to relax, unwind and reflect. Continue reading “Reflecting On The New Year”

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Neil Gaiman

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Stardust is a book written by Neil Gaiman. I knew of Stardust as a movie before I knew it as a book, so reading an introductory sample of Stardust was a treat. I enjoy his writing and his quotes as well! Continue reading “Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Neil Gaiman”

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Monday Minute: 3 Simple Habits Every Writer Should Develop

Monday Minute is a weekly post in which I’ll share short writing pieces, writing prompts, a thought or question for discussion, or quick writing tips. This week I’m sharing 3 habits I believe every writer needs to have in their life.  Continue reading “Monday Minute: 3 Simple Habits Every Writer Should Develop”

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Follow Friday: Perspectives On The Writing Process

Follow Friday is a weekly series, inspired by the Twitter trend #Follow Friday. Each Friday, I suggest blogs that I follow to my readers.  For this week’s “Follow Friday”, the theme is perspectives on the writing process. Continue reading “Follow Friday: Perspectives On The Writing Process”

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of those writers whose writing style I didn’t like as a teen but I grew to really appreciate as an adult. His writing is beautiful, poetic and often tinged with a deep sadness. This quote on Goodreads though, made me smile. Continue reading “Wednesday Words of Wisdom: F. Scott Fitzgerald”