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Follow Friday: Great Writing Advice

Follow Friday is a weekly series, inspired by the Twitter trend #Follow Friday. Each Friday, I suggest blogs that I follow to my readers.   For this week’s “Follow Friday”, the theme is great writing advice.

As a blogger who is constantly looking for new writing tips and techniques, I love to learn from others on the craft of writing.

Many bloggers and writers offer tips and advice on their blogs that I would never have considered. They give me a new way of approaching my writing.

Here is my recommended list of bloggers this week:

M J. Wright– A New Zealand writer who offers great writing advice on everything from NaNoWriMo to finding those elusive words. He has an extensive background, having worked as a writer, professional historian, reviewer and journalist. I enjoy reading his writing advice because I can trust his expertise and knowledge on the subject. He has published many books, especially on New Zealand history.

Write Through It– Susanna J. Sturgis always provides great advice on writing, editing and motivation. This blogger also has great expertise: she has a background as an editor. She has written poems, one-act plays, short stories and a novel called The Mud of the Place. I always come away from this blog with a new insight on writing.

Trouble On My Mind: Writings by Wassim Elhouar– Wassim’s blog  features a great “Thoughts On Writing” weekly theme, where he provides writing advice and tips, reminding readers of the simple ways they can improve their writing. I love his insight and perspective, especially the idea of putting your writing aside for a while to let it ferment. He also has a great collection of poems and short stories.

Do you have any writing blogs you’d like to nominate for Follow Friday?

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