The Times Are A-Changin’ On My Blog

After almost three years of blogging on here at WordPress, I’ve learned and changed quite a bit. The main focus of my blog (to share writing tips, experiences and resources) will be the same but now I’m introducing weekly and monthly features on my blog. I’m excited but also very unsure of how this will play out.

To make my blogging more consistent and structured, I’ve decided to introduce some fun weekly themes. These will reflect creative writing topics such as writing tips/advice, writing blogs, fiction, how-to’s, book reviews and questions/thoughts to encourage discussion.

So here’s a layout of the themes you’ll see:

Monday Minute– These will be short, quick posts, showcasing a short fiction piece, writing prompt, quick writing tips/tools, or a thought/question about writing that encourages discussion.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom– This past Wednesday, I introduced this with a Margaret Atwood quote. On Wednesdays, I’ll feature posts on quotes from well-known writers and people. I’m often inspired by the quotes of writers and thought that it’d be great to share these with you.

Follow Friday/Friday Favourites– This is also a weekly theme I’ve recently started. Each Friday, I share blogs that I follow and give you a brief description of the blog’s content. I come across awesome blogs all the time.

Saturday Summary– At the end of each month on Saturday, I’ll be posting a book review of a book I’ve read during the month. I take forever to read books, so I thought a month is a realistic amount of time to finish a book and post a review.


Using weekly and monthly themes seems to work very well for bloggers. What are your thoughts on these weekly themes?




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