Monday Minute: The Haiku

Monday Minute is a weekly post in which I’ll share short writing pieces, writing prompts, a thought or question for discussion, or quick writing tips.

This week I’m sharing one of my favourite poetic forms: the haiku. Haikus are fun because you can get across a meaningful and beautiful message with only a few short lines. Modern English haikus usually consist of three lines with five syllables first, seven second and another five last.

I was interested to find out that English poetry slightly altered the traditional Japanese form (which can be as short as one line with shorter on) from this article.

I love how haikus use colorful imagery, make references to nature and seasons, and juxtapose ideas. I think they’re great for a writing prompt or for a writing exercise.

Next time you’re low on inspiration, need to get your creativity flowing or need a prompt, try writing a haiku. I’m certain it will get you thinking.

I’ve always wanted to write a Christmas story, so I might use haikus as starting points. Here are some examples of haikus I’ve written below:

The Christmas lights glow

Outside of the red brick house

Warm light, ice cold snow


Wind whistles past us

As a bird sings in the tree

Branches thin and bare

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