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Follow Friday: Perspectives On The Writing Process

Follow Friday is a weekly series, inspired by the Twitter trend #Follow Friday. Each Friday, I suggest blogs that I follow to my readers.  For this week’s “Follow Friday”, the theme is perspectives on the writing process.

It’s nice to know that fellow writers are going through the same triumphs, discoveries, frustrations and roadblocks as you are. Sometimes a perspective can open up your eyes, inspire you or make you laugh.

So here are some blogs that do just that:

Blondewritemore – A lot of her posts focus on the writing process and her journey through writing. Her blog is always a treat to read because she takes a humorous and clever approach in her writing style. She gives the reader a look into parts of her daily life, showing readers how life and writing so often intertwine and influence each other.

Coffee N’ Notes – Coffee n’ Notes gives readers a wonderful look into her writing process: what a usual writing day looks like for her, how she gets her creative juices flowing, how she overcomes writer’s block and what projects she’s currently working on. She also has a great series called, “My Writing Secrets.”

A Writer’s Life For Me – Author Mishka Jenkins engages with her thought-provoking discussions and questions on the writing process. She often shares news and updates on writing projects, showing readers how the process unfolds. She writes romance in a range of sub-genres, so if you’re a fan of romance, be sure to check out her books!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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