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Follow Friday Reminder: Jan 30, 2015

If you enjoy the Follow Friday segments on this blog and would like to make your own Follow Friday post, I’m inviting you to join in tomorrow!

Follow Friday started as a weekly theme on my blog after I saw #Follow Friday as a hash tag on Twitter. It’s this great social media event where people round-up people they follow on Twitter and include them in a tweet every Friday, encouraging their followers to follow the people mentioned.

I thought this was such a nice idea, especially since people and organizations have done this for me with my personal Twitter handle in the past. I thought I’d apply the same idea to my blog, where I’d share blogs I follow to other bloggers.

A little detail on how I do it:

On Fridays, I pick a theme like “photography blogs” or “writing advice blogs.” I then feature 3 special blogs that I follow and that I think best match that theme. I write a short summary for each one, detailing what the blog is all about, what weekly themes you can expect on the blog and what features I like best about the blog.  I link to each one of these blogs, making sure to link to a specific and recent post (as I think that’s the best linking practice and I recall having read this somewhere). I’ve always linked to a direct post rather than to the blog address itself.

If you’d like to join in with your own Follow Friday and theme (it doesn’t have to follow mine), link back to tomorrow’s post and include your own Follow Friday post in the comments below on tomorrow’s Follow Friday so others can see your blog too 🙂




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