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Follow Friday: Blogs That Provide Perspectives and Advice On Editing

Follow Friday is a weekly series, inspired by the Twitter trend #Follow Friday. Each Friday, I suggest blogs that I follow to my readers. For this week’s “Follow Friday”, the theme is blogs that provide perspectives and advice on editing. 

Editing is such an integral part of writing that some people dislike. I like to think of writing as the fun part but editing as the more serious step in the process. To some people, editing seems tedious and time-consuming but it gives the final draft that much-needed polish and flair.

Like writing, there are so many aspects to editing that you must learn about in order to be a better communicator. There’s micro-editing at the sentence-level with typos and grammatical errors but there’s also macro-editing at the larger, paragraph-level with awkward passages, nuances and readability. It can be a lot to take in and apply to your own work.

Thank goodness there are people out there with superb editing skills and a sharp, critical eye. They help us see the smaller details and the bigger picture all at once.

Here are some great blogs that provide great perspectives and advice on editing:

The Editing Hart: Shen Hart and Michael Keenan are two passionate editors sharing hints and tips for writers. They have many years of experience and feature great posts on developmental editing. The content is in-depth, really digging deep into elements such as description, characters, reader experience and more. I love the technical and detailed content that really makes you examine your writing.

Writing, Clear and Simple: Roy Jacobsen is a freelance writer and editor who has been writing and editing for over 26 years in many fields, such as health food, academia and software development. His blog has been nominated as the Best Grammar Blog of 2011. I particularly like the “Spot the Error” feature, where he features an example with typos in it, in which you have to spot what’s wrong with the excerpt.

Terribly Write: This is a blog that provides great examples of typos and grammatical mistakes found in everyday life, all around us. Many of Laura’s posts feature a screenshot of amusing typos evident in the news and media, with the mistake circled in red. (Oh how I love the red pen 🙂 ). I absolutely love the segment “Terribly Funny”–it makes me smile.

Happy Friday 🙂

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