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Saturday Summary: These Broken Stars

Author: Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Format: Kindle
Published: December 10,  2013
My Rating on Goodreads: 5 stars

These Broken Stars Continue reading “Saturday Summary: These Broken Stars”

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Blogosphere Discoveries

One thing I love about blogging is the constant learning. It’s really true that you learn everyday. Just this past week, I found out that the The Daily Post has an events listing page, featuring all of the great blogging events happening.  Continue reading “Friday Favourites: Blogosphere Discoveries”

Writing Woes

Just Some Vanilla

Great personal story with a wonderful message. Just how writing should be.


I’m no fan of snow, but as my eyes roll in disgust at weather forecasts I concede there were times when snowfalls thrilled me. Not due to missing school, sleigh riding, or building snowmen, but because Vicki and I would go to the store for Nannie.

At an unknown point in our youth, after one snowstorm or another, my sister Vicki and I decided we must plod across the field through snow, no matter the depth, to see if our grandmother needed anything from the store. Nannie lived in a huge old farmhouse, had always cooked for many, and could have at any point in time prepared a meal for forty out of what she had in her cabinets and refrigerator. Not even touching what was stored in her cellar.

Still… Vicki and I were sure Nannie needed something and we’d save the day by trudging through snow to ask…

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Anne Rice

“When I’m writing, the darkness is always there. I go where the pain is.”  -Anne Rice    

As someone who tends to write sad and dark stories, I find drawing on painful emotions to be extremely helpful in creating a piece. Continue reading “Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Anne Rice”


Monday Minute: What Films Inspire You?

After watching the Oscars last night, I got thinking about films that leave an impact on you and stimulate your mind. There were a lot of uplifting speeches during the Oscars yesterday (e.g. Common, Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne: adorable). It really got me thinking about films I enjoy myself (whether Oscar-nominated or not) and how they might influence me as a writer.  Continue reading “Monday Minute: What Films Inspire You?”