New Look For 2015

I’ve made the move to a new theme. I was a bit hesitant and scared to do it at first but I really love it now. I think it looks cleaner, brighter and fresher. 

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve been blogging is that certain themes have different levels of readability, user-friendliness and colour. I really loved the minimalistic, clean and modern look of the Forever theme but I decided that I wanted to change it up this year.

There’s just something about choosing or customizing a theme that adds to the overall impression, mood and navigation of a blog. I’m very excited about the new look and if I feel unsure I can always go back.

This one is called Sela. It’s very colorful, has space for big images and adapts to any screen, which makes it very user-friendly.

Hope you like the new look! 🙂


5 thoughts on “New Look For 2015”

  1. I like theme shopping! I also like your new theme, but without any images in this particular blog post, my eye was riveted on the bright red menu bar and wasn’t quite sure where to go next.

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