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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Anne Rice

“When I’m writing, the darkness is always there. I go where the pain is.”  -Anne Rice    

As someone who tends to write sad and dark stories, I find drawing on painful emotions to be extremely helpful in creating a piece.

This technique is one that I think will be particularly useful when I finally buckle down and write my short story for a literary magazine I want to submit to. As someone who likes to write lengthy pieces, I find writing short stories difficult.

Techzia on Pixabay.
Courtesy of Techzia on Pixabay.

Maybe it’s because I write them less often or because short story writing requires a slightly different adjustment when it comes to your writing. You need to be even more concise, clear and purposeful in your work.

You have to edit and edit until you have a piece that is illuminating enough to develop characters yet concise enough to get the point across quickly.

I’ve often found that concentrating on a key emotion such as sadness helps me write a short story. It’s this sad energy that keeps me moving forward and helps me unearth feelings to create poignant moments. After all, who wants to read a story solely about happy moments?

We can build a lot around an emotion. A memory. A circumstance. A relationship. A hard time. A lesson.

I find that the best short stories have a certain mood surrounding them that pervades the entire piece.

Do you agree with Anne Rice’s quote? Why or why not?


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