Word for Wednesday: Quiet

This Wednesday, I decided to try something different from my regular Wednesday Words of Wisdom. I found  Word for Wednesday (W4W), hosted and created by Kittykat-BitsandBobs, while scrolling through The Daily Post on WordPress. As someone who loves writing and words, I had to participate in this great event.  Continue reading “Word for Wednesday: Quiet”


Monday Minute: Ghostwriter

Who would you choose to write your story?

In response to The Daily Post’s Ghostwriter prompt for today: “If you could have any author–living or dead–write your biography, who would you choose?”

This is an interesting question because it’s food for thought:

What author’s style do I like? How would they portray me? Why would I pick this writer?

If I could choose any author–living or dead–to write my biography, I would choose Jane Austen.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey are two novels that stick with me. Her whimsical writing, likeable characters and clever humour are trademarks.

Jane Austen’s work is memorable and that’s why it still resonates today. I would want my story to be an engaging one, full of humour and captivating characters. I would want it to be memorable.

I would hope that Jane Austen would portray me in a positive way. She had a way of perceiving the folly and frivolity in people, and their unique idiosyncrasies. I wonder what funny quirks or frivolous habits she’d notice in me. I saw a lot of myself in Northanger Abbey’s Catherine Morland, so I think she could write my character well. I think she’d be perceptive but truthful in her writing.

Why would I pick her over any other?

She’s simply one of my favourite authors. She’s funny, she’s timeless and she’s perceptive.

Who would you choose to write your biography? Why?


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Lazy Saturday: Stacking the Shelves #2

Ah, lazy Saturdays…I’m looking out the window at early Canadian spring and don’t like what I see. Cold snow, drizzly rain and grey skies . Spring is officially here but it certainly doesn’t look like it! On this particular cool day, I’ve rounded up a list of reads while I keep warm and cozy. Continue reading “Lazy Saturday: Stacking the Shelves #2”

Friday Favourites

Follow Friday: Art is Everywhere

This week, I’ve gathered a collection of favourite posts where the content ranges from stories to photo essays to musings. Some people are fiction writers, others are photographers, while others are designers or artists. They all share the common talent of expressing themselves–whether through photographs, fiction pieces or meanderings about their life and day.  This week’s Follow Friday theme is art is everywhere.

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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Entertainment Picks of the Week

Stories come in many different forms: poems, novels, short stories, TV shows, movies, songs, music videos…and they each entertain, educate and move in their own special way. I think different media teach us a lot about narrative structure, characters and dialogue. And the more we learn, the more we grow.
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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Isabel Allende

This week’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom come from Chilean-American writer, Isabel Allende. I first heard of Isabel Allende when she was a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I think she’s a smart, interesting and feisty lady.

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