Monday Minute: June Flowers

One day when I was walking, I came across these daisies growing by a path. I was struck by them because I don’t usually see flowers growing along this path. It shows you what can happen when you take the time to pay attention to small details.

June Flowers

About a week after, I walked along the same spot to snap a picture of them. Flowers are my favourite subject to photograph because there’s so much beauty, detail and colour to them.

They add a nice touch to a field, balcony or home. They also take me back to memories of Europe. Last month, I visited The Netherlands and France, just to name a few countries. A relative had beautiful flowers in her home, making it look like a room out of an interior design magazine. There were also flowers in pots everywhere on Parisian balconies and throughout Luxembourg Gardens, softening the hard lines of a concrete jungle.

What I liked about these little daises was that they were growing in a small patch, around all of this grass and bush. Seeing them gives me a feeling of joy. They’re a nice little reminder to just pause and reflect for a moment.


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