Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: The Foodie in Me and Food Blogs

I first heard the word ‘foodie’ from colleagues of mine. Over my time spent with foodies, I came to realize that the term referred to people with an interest in food, particularly great-tasting food. Eating is an experience to be enjoyed and documented, especially in writing. Taste is, after all, one of the five senses. 

Whenever I’m writing and the character happens to be eating food, I like to describe it as best I can. However, it feels like I can never find the right words to describe it. Aside from writing about food or eating it, I enjoy looking at food and checking out recipes. I also like to try some of those recipes and search for new food experiences.

I find that food is closely tied to my memories of places. Of home, of places I’ve visited, of memories…I still remember the big portions of food and warm, Southern hospitality in Tennessee. And I always notice how eating buttery, salty popcorn at the movies enhances the cinema experience. My memory of Belgium will be tied to some of the best chocolates I’ve tasted and the distinctive crispiness of Belgian waffles.

I wanted to expand my reading interests on WordPress and sought out food blogs. I can tell you that these blogs will have your mouth watering!

Dessert Diet – I love the name of the blog, and this combination of vanilla and chocolate in the cupcakes.

Taras Kitchen Online Blog – These Nutella banana crepes look amazing.

Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts – These brownies look glorious.

Happy Friday!


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