Wednesday Words: The First Day of Autumn

When I looked on my calendar today, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that today is the first day of autumn. Some people hate the fact that summer is over and it’s almost October but I look forward to it. Fall is my favourite season, with spring coming in close second. There are many reasons why I love fall so much. 

Usually I post a quote from a writer for my segment, “Wednesday Words of Wisdom” but today I decided to try something different and make it “Wednesday Words.”

the first day of autumn

Fall arrives with its cool wind and deeply-coloured leaves

Fat orange pumpkins and sweet butternut squash

Salted apple slices and warm apple pie

Pumpkin pie with dollops of whipped cream

Moist turkeys that make you sleepy and satisfied

Coffees and lattes and muffins and cookies with pumpkin flavour

Scented candles with hints of maple, cinnamon, pumpkin and cranberry

Flavours of fall: warm, inviting and delicious

Knee-high boots and knitted scarves

Leather jackets and gloves

Plaid shirts and dark jeans

Creepy movies about ghosts and monsters and haunted houses

Cold and rainy Halloween nights

With bags of candies and chocolates and chips

Vampires and werewolves and ghosts and princesses and pirates and wizards

Masks and swords and wands

The Harry Potter theme song playing in my head

And then autumn leaves just as soon as it arrives

Leaving a trace of its fallen leaves or chilly air

But it’s already disappeared in the frigid cold and snow

Vanishing like a ghost

What’s your favourite season? Do you enjoy fall?

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