NaNoWriMo Week 2: Connecting with the NaNo Community and My Story

We’re now halfway through NaNoWriMo. I can’t believe it. November is already almost gone and I’m almost at the halfway mark. This week has been pretty good and I even managed a two-day break.


I went for a meet-up in my NaNo region and absolutely loved it. It was great to get out, socialize a bit and connect with others with a shared interest. Not only did I have a great time, I found out that there’s actually quite a few writing groups and events in my area I didn’t even know existed! I’ve always been a solitary writer and most writers are but at the same time, I think every writer can benefit from a writing group. For the first time, I’m considering the idea of joining a writing group. I’m pretty excited for tomorrow’s meet-up too.

The second week is not as easy and exciting as the first week but it’s still good. I think this is really the point where your dedication to the story is tested. By the second week, I usually don’t have the same motivation as I do during the first week. In the first week, you can get away with starting from scratch again or falling a little bit behind on your word count but by the second week, if you haven’t settled on a story idea and haven’t kept up on some kind of writing habit, it’ll get much harder to keep up.

When you get closer and closer to 25,000 words you really need to keep motivated, keep writing and keep on telling yourself that it’s worth it. Some of the challenges I faced were self-doubt and writer’s block–but not for long. I have the most trouble with filling in the details between different plot points. Sometimes I’ll sit and stare at the page, wondering how I’m going to get from point A to point B. Eventually though, I’d just get writing or change something around slightly to take it in a different direction. I also had to keep telling myself that it’s normal and understandable to doubt my story and not like certain parts of it because it’s only a first draft. It’s also pretty cool to see your story veer slightly off path from your outline. Nothing is set in stone and the great part about writing is that it’s very flexible.

I got to the 20k mark on Wednesday night and had a bit of a freak-out because that’s never happened that early in NaNoWriMo for me. That was definitely a proud first and a celebratory moment. I proudly told my family about it and they were pleasantly surprised. I was able to take a two-day break from writing in the second week, which was nice because I exceeded my daily word count on Wednesday night and it was a little reward to myself for working harder than usual. 🙂

My word count as of Saturday night is: 24,286 words. Soon I’ll be close to 25,000! I can’t wait.

Hope your NaNo writing is going well!

I also wanted to add in wake of the tragedies in Paris, that I’m sending my love and support to Wrimos in France, and to all the people of France.

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