NaNoWriMo Week 4: 50,000 Words is Only The Beginning

Wow. Nearly a month has flown by and within a few days, it’ll be over. It seems like I was anxiously waiting for November just yesterday. But the end is here and near.

Sunday of the fourth week was an exciting day for me because I beat the highest amount of words I have ever achieved. In 2014, I reached 35,533 words and that was the highest amount I’ve ever written. But then, I reached 36, 583 words at the beginning of this week, finally beating my highest word count. This was a milestone for me because it proved to me that if I can beat last year’s total number of words, I could be that much closer to reaching the finish line and it also told me I was improving. This year especially I felt like I had shed my self-doubt, my procrastination and my perfectionism. I’m writing with more confidence, more self-abandon and more speed. It also proved to me that I could do this any time of year, not just during NaNoWriMo.


In this last home stretch, I’m finding it a little harder to keep up the momentum. Usually I experience this in week three, so I’m surprised that I’m experiencing it during week four instead. I’m not sure if it’s because I broke my writing habit for a few days but I think it might have affected me…or maybe people find the last part of their story harder to write? Do you find the last part harder to write?

I’m not sure exactly but I really had to power through this slow patch and still do. I also reminded myself that it’s okay to have off days, days where you don’t write as much as you want to or feel uninspired.  I know those days eventually come though. I think what makes the difference is how you deal with those days. I did have my fair share of really good days so I guess it’s the universe’s way of balancing things out.

It was in this fourth week that I was reminded again of how isolating writing can be for a person. It’s a delicate balancing act because you want to get your writing done but you also want to get out there and not be a zombie. Oftentimes, you’re faced with a choice to work on your writing or get out of your head to socialize. These breaks can be really good for you, like taking time away from your story to watch Christmas movies  with family and or to just talk with friends. I think the key here for me was dedicating a time slot for my writing and then a time slot my socializing.

I did get a little distracted though on Black Friday, when I decided to get some early Christmas shopping done…That was a nice but very dangerous distraction from my writing. I can just imagine how American Wrimos feel during this time where they not only have Thanksgiving dinners but Black Friday deals and pre-Christmas shopping on top of that! (I’m Canadian, so my Thanksgiving is in October).

I started to think ahead to my ending but then had to keep reminding myself that I’m not done yet and that 50,000 words is only a start–it’s the length of a novella actually.  But it’s all about putting one word in front of another and just trusting the process. I have to remind myself to just keep focused on writing one scene to the next. It’s been a long time coming for me but I think I’ve found a story, a writing routine and a writing habit that all click with me. As of today, my word count is at: 45,657.

So close…I’m excited!

Happy writing!

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