Monday Minute Writing Prompt: That One Picture

Is there a framed picture that you love? Is it a photograph, a painting or a sketching? What is it about the picture that speaks to you? 

I really love framed pictures, whether they’re postcards, paintings or photographs. Each one tells a unique story and each one speaks to us in different ways. My family has an appreciation for art and I know people who love to paint, draw and do crafts, so I think that’s influenced my appreciation for it as well.

This writing prompt was inspired by my favourite framed picture that I keep on my desk. It’s a black-and-white postcard of Carrer del Bisbe in Barcelona, Spain. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing in its composition, lighting and detail but it also brings back fond memories of a time and a place. During the summer, I took a trip to Europe and Barcelona was one of the most memorable places I visited.

Sagrada Familia
Shot of the inside of the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

Barcelona is a vibrant, energetic city with a mix of the old and the new. There’s the Old Gothic Quarter with its cobblestone streets and labyrinthine design, the works of Antoni GaudÍ like Sagrada Familia and Casa Milá, and the bustling downtown core which is known for its high fashion.

I look at the postcard and remember how hard it was to find Carrer del Bisbe, a street in the Gothic Quarter with a famous bridge connecting two buildings. Streets open out onto squares and each building looks similar to the other but is different in its own way. It’s full of shops selling mosaic figurines, gelato stands and clothing stores. There’s apartments with Catalan flags and damp towels draped over Juliet balconies. There’s also the Mediterranean coast, which lies just beyond the Gothic Quarter, stretching for miles, the Barceloneta beach teeming with people.

And the food. The food is amazing. Spicy potato bravas, gooey croquettes and rich tinto de verano (red wine of summer). Even the name of their drinks were delicious-sounding.

This postcard will always transport me back in time. I can almost taste the tapas and recall my awe when I saw the stained-glass windows of Sagrada Familia.



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