Monday Minute: You Know You’re a Writer When…

I’ve seen a lot of funny lists about the habits and traits of writers. Each time I see them, it makes me laugh because I can see some common habit or trait of myself in the list. To have a bit of fun, I decided to compile my own list. 

  1. You have to jump out of bed, turn on the light and quickly jot down your idea before it disappears from your memory.
  2. You have eye strain and probably carpal tunnel from typing at a computer for too long or from writing longhand.
  3. You feel incredibly frustrated when you’re trying to find the right word to describe something and just can’t find it. It’s on the tip of your tongue, just out of reach.
  4. You love research more than other people, probably as much as historians and professors themselves. You might even be a historian, professor or teacher.
  5. You always have your nose in a giant book. Or you’re usually reading about 3 books at once.
  6. You hide away in some sacred writing spot, whether that’s an office, your room, a coffee shop or a quiet open space outside.
  7. You are prone to daydreaming, even when someone’s talking. (Oops! Sorry, it’s just my scatter-brained mind.)
  8. You have a strong love for coffee or tea. Or both.
  9. You have a playlist to suit every mood and genre.
  10. You are bothered by every spelling, punctuation and grammar mistake you see, whether it’s in a book, on an advertisement or on people’s Facebook statuses.

Do you have any to add to the list? 🙂

79 thoughts on “Monday Minute: You Know You’re a Writer When…”

  1. Couple of adds-
    Number of unpublished ms under bed raises your mattress off floor.
    Rejection letters used as substitute for wall paper in your entire house and three of the neighbors.

  2. Haha! Great list I have one of my own to add – “You’ve convinced your hubby to buy you an aquanotes pad in case an idea comes to you in the bath”.
    ❤ KL

  3. Regarding #10, that also applies when LISTENING to newscasters and other professionals who are supposed to have been taught the correct verb to use – whether that be for its meaning, the correct tense, or the correct conjugation. As for #7, well…

    1. One of my pet peeves. It’s everywhere. I got my degree in journalism when they actually taught journalism. It kills me to see this.

  4. # 1 – check, 2- check, 3- check… Aw, hell. Every last one of them – check! And, one to add – You know you’re a writer when you can’t watch a movie without breaking the plot down, bit by bit. Thanks for the Tuesday morning smile.

  5. Great list. I would add…

    Everything you see, smell, taste, feel, hear, and do while taking a break from writing (as in on vacation 2000+ miles from home) suddenly becomes research for the next book or the one you’re currently working on; like jotting things down the perfect (in your mind) description of how the air smells in the middle of the New Mexico desert. True story.

  6. Love it! Two more: you have scraps of paper in every room of the house where you’ve scribbled down ideas. And you eavesdrop on conversations on public transport in the hope of finding inspiration 🙂

    1. Thanks! The scraps of paper around the house are really convenient if you’re looking for something to jog your memory and public life is so interesting. I once heard a lover’s spat in the middle of the street and the people with me all wanted to eavesdrop because it was so fascinating to hear. lol

  7. Guilty of a lot of those … scary thing is that “Ms. Munchkin” already seems to be turning into a grammar nazi and she just turned 12. The question becomes, is an author the product of nature or nurture.

  8. Great list. Number 7 reminded me of a quote from Anne Tyler: “Writing is a sort of way of disobeying two major rules I heard as a child: stop daydreaming and stop staring into space.”

  9. Fabulous list! My contribution? You are often seen muttering into your phone, while other friends are tweeting or playing Clash of Clans, as you dictate your next brilliant idea before it seeps away…

  10. Ha ha, Kim! I can relate to all of these, especially #2, as you remember my previous segment on my blog, ‘You Might Be An Author If…’. It’s retired now, so I gladly pass the torch on to you 🙂 Funny stuff here!

  11. 1.When I come home from a running exercise my husband is not allowed to speak to me about what he has been doing. With my head full of new drafts I have to write it down immediately on a notepad.
    2. I find it difficult to take time to visit people or to invite guests because I have so much that has to be written. I can see it looks ridiculous when I read this now

    1. I need a rule like that for my husband. In the mornings, we sit with coffee and our computers and I find myself getting annoyed because he wants to talk to me and read things to me.

  12. LOL! 11. After a week of quiet seclusion, you have the World Changing Novel clearly outlined in your head. As you draw it on the white board, You phone blows up with texts, Guests drop by, each of the kids call ’cause nobody else can help them (but they haven’t called in weeks), you run out of coffee…

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