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Monday Minute: 5 Signs You’re a Book Nerd (or bibliophile)

If you like writing, you also naturally like reading too. I first heard of the term ‘bibliophile’ when I started following book blogs. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a proper term for all the book lovers out there. I was thinking about all the funny things I do as a bibliophile and came up with this list.


  1. An uncontrollable need to stay up all night to finish a really good book. It’s 2 A.M.? Oh well, you need to find out what happens next. You won’t be able to sleep without knowing anyway.
  2. A sense of horror when your books get ruined in any way: water damage, ripped pages, dog-eared pages, bent covers–you name it. If a book is tarnished, it upsets you and probably does years after. You’re in the corner, huddled by your bookshelf, cradling your book to your chest, muttering, “My preciousss…” 
  3. A Goodreads TBR (to-be read) list that keeps growing and growing. Unreasonably so. You want to add every book you come across to the list.
  4. A sense of indignation and anger when a movie adaptation takes liberties and doesn’t perfectly match up with the events in the book. You say to your friends, “That didn’t happen in the book…That character didn’t exist!” or brag proudly, “I’ve read the book. I know what happens.”
  5. Feelings of sadness and despair when you end an enjoyable book. You might take a day or a few days of rest to recuperate before moving onto new literary adventures.

Hope you enjoyed this list! What are some reading habits you notice about yourself or others?

8 thoughts on “Monday Minute: 5 Signs You’re a Book Nerd (or bibliophile)”

  1. aaah staying up all night to read is such a delight, one you end up regretting the next day at work >.< hahaha love the list… do you still read like that?

      1. Same here.. I can’t remember how many times I have promised myself that I would go to sleep so I can work fine tomorrow but I still don’t.

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