Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Great Short Fiction Reads for Your Weekend

This Friday, I decided to focus on short fiction pieces. I’ve been exposing myself to more short stories and poems because it’s a story format that I really enjoy. I also admire people that master this writing format really well, especially fellow bloggers.

Lionaroundwriting: I loved reading the short story, “I’m Not Saying She’s a Soul-Digger.” This story is raw, captivating and meaningful, making you feel as if you’re hearing it straight from a friend.

Don Massenzio: I came across this blog through Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog and loved the “Friday Funny” piece from Don Massenzio he featured on his blog. It will be sure to make you smile.

keithgarrettpoetry: I think this poem, “Remember Me” is touching and wonderful. There’s really great poetry on this blog!

These were some of my favourite blog posts I found today as I was scrolling through WordPress. It feels good to be doing my Friday Favourites segment again and I’ll have to make a more regular habit of it. 😛

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Great Short Fiction Reads for Your Weekend”

    1. Likewise! In fact, I find writing short stories even harder than novels and poems because it challenges me to be brief yet meaningful in my work. I completely agree–there really is no better way to practice your craft than by writing short stories. Thanks for your thoughts!

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