Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Blogs About the Writing Process

I find it really interesting to learn about the writing process of other writers. I like to see how we’re similar and how we’re different in how we approach the stages of writing, and what little quirks we might share. It’s also helpful to see what kind of strategies people use for productivity and accountability in their writing. So, this Friday Favourites is about bloggers who share their experiences on the writing process.

Wordfare: Brigid does this great weekly meme called #WIPWednesday, where she shares the progress on her WIP and her writing goals for the week ahead. She also encourages others to do the same with #WIPWednesday and #WIPpetWednesday (which is meme started by Emily at A Keyboard and an Open Mind).

Coffee n’ Notes: Galit does monthly updates concerning her blogging, writing, editing and author business. Her posts always feel very personal because she shares updates about her writing achievements and writing process.

Diane Tibert: Diane is a writer, editor and publisher. She has a series that’s published each Saturday morning about a western romance called, Dust, Unsettled. It’s really cool to see the changes between original excerpts versus revised excerpts.



Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.


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