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Monday Minute: Keeping an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

I don’t usually post about blogging advice on here but since it falls in the realm of creative writing, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about editorial calendars. I’m no expert but I’ve learned that having an editorial calendar is key to keeping your blog organized and on track. 

I have to be completely honest though–I haven’t been using my editorial calendar lately. Why would I be giving advice on using one then, you ask? Good question.

Even though I’m no prime example, I’ve realized that not using one has made me suffer. When I was updating my editorial calendar and making note of completed or planned posts , my blog updates were more frequent and regular. When I stopped using it however, I noticed that my blog posts were more sporadic and random. I had lost the routine and structure my editorial calendar had given me.

An editorial calendar is not only good for planning posts though. It helps you keep track of topics you’ve already covered and bloggers you’ve already featured in your posts. It helps you avoid repeats and keeps the ideas fresh. You have a high-level view of the content of your blog and you can also see how your blog has evolved over the years. I’ve got blog posts dating back to 2012 and every time I see those blog posts, I realize with shock how far my blogging has come.

The great thing about editorial calendars is that they’re so easy to make too. Depending on your preference and working style, it can be a simple print or online calendar, physical papers in a file folder, the WordPress editorial calendar (available as a plug-in), a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs (I use Google Docs) or editorial software.

Along with helping you organize, plan and track your blog posts, an editorial calendar helps you structure your posts with a definable date. If you plan to publish your post on Saturday but realize that you’ll be away that day, you can simply reschedule it or set it to publish on that date at a specific time (if you’re comfortable doing this). You’re more likely to publish your posts because you have a set date and deadline to work towards.

An editorial calendar is a key tool for blogging.

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