Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: April 22, 2016

This Friday, I thought I’d share some of my favourite TV shows. These shows have particularly good storylines in my opinion and are great examples of character development, relationships and compelling plot lines.

The Last Kingdom: This show is based on a book series by Bernard Cornwell called The Saxon Stories. It’s been compared to Vikings because it takes place in the 9th century and chronicles Viking invasions in England. The story is about Uhtred Ragnarson, a Saxon who is kidnapped by the Danes as a child and raised as a Viking.

When Uhtred’s Danish family is betrayed and killed, Uhtred must make his way on his own with his lover and sidekick, Brida (who is also a Saxon). As Uhtred returns to his former Saxon life, he meets King Alfred of Wessex, a seemingly weak and frail man (it’s been thought that he probably suffered from Crohn’s disease). As Uhtred gets to know this Saxon king, he finds out that he actually has a lot of power in his intelligence and vision for a unified England. Both Uhtred and King Alfred have to put aside their differences to join forces so they can fight against the Danes.

I find it even more interesting that King Alfred of Wessex was an historical figure who was pivotal in uniting England as one country. This is a side of history that not even the actors themselves knew about, so it’s very interesting from an historical perspective as well.

The 100: This show is based on a book, which I’m reading now. The story has an interesting concept: 100 juvenile delinquents are sent to Earth 97 years after it’s been destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. I have to say that the TV series is much more complex and layered than the book with many more characters added to the mix. It’s suspenseful, surprising and really interesting because it’s one of those possible “what-if” scenarios that makes you think what life would be like living in space after a worldwide disaster. It’s so good I’ve even gotten my mom addicted to the show.

Broadchurch: This is a gripping British crime drama. Broadchurch is a quiet, coastal town with a close-knit community. Nothing much happens here until a young boy is found murdered on the beach. Two detectives are called to the case: Detective Alec Hardy is new to town while Detective Ellie Miller knows everyone in town. The two, despite their different styles and opinions, must work together to find the killer.

This is a superb show not only because of the great plot line but because of the dynamics between Hardy and Miller, the stunning shots of Dorset and the amazing soundtrack. What I really like about this show is the fact that Hardy and Miller have a very professional, platonic relationship unlike most cop shows where the two detectives are almost always involved in some kind of romantic relationship. I don’t mind romance but I don’t like when shows go off on tangents when the focus is meant to be elsewhere. This show keeps the focus strictly on the community and the case without any fluff. It also keeps you guessing until the very end and you often find yourself on the edge of your seat.

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