Monday Minute: A Walk in the Rain

Normally, I don’t enjoy being out in the rain. I associate rain with coolness, dampness and lightning. To me, it means danger: threat of getting a cold or chill, threat of getting uncomfortably wet or threat of getting struck by lightning. But today, I went for a walk while it was spitting and found myself enjoying it.

The air was cool and damp as I made my way down the street. Rain hit me gently, covering the lenses of my glasses with tiny water droplets and darkening my tan purse with water stains. Air with the ghost of winter on it seeped through my warm layers–this is the one thing I hate about damp, rainy days. The chill that seems to seep through to your bones.

But as I began walking, I noticed the all the robins hopping around and chattering, either from tree to tree or on the pavement, food secured in their beaks. Spring had arrived–no matter how cold–with the music of birds. And as I breathed in the cool spring air I was glad to be outside, with the living.

You see, I spend so much of my time indoors. Too much time, in fact. I get caught up with social media, writing, emails and so on… but spending so much time indoors takes its toll on you. It’s been proven that spending time outside makes you happier, healthier and calmer, and that’s really no surprise to me.

I always feel refreshed, inspired and re-invigorated after a walk outside, even a rainy one. The thing I do like about rain though is the way it makes the Earth smell. I don’t know quite how to describe it but it’s really nice, like the soil and land’s just been washed. I also like the way it makes you want to listen to jazzy music, curl up with a blanket and just read a book inside. (Maybe that’s why I’d rather opt to stay inside rather than go out in the rain!)

Sometimes though–when it’s a gentle rain with grey, cloudy skies–I feel a sense of melancholy, calmness and pensiveness. Sometimes I don’t really mind it. Sometimes I find it refreshing and invigorating.

Sometimes all you need is a walk in the rain.


9 thoughts on “Monday Minute: A Walk in the Rain”

    1. Thank you! It can be very tempting to stay on the computer and TV when there’s so many quality TV shows and fun social media sites out there but it’s well worth it to get outside. 🙂

  1. I really love rain. Since my job began I have never been able to get drenched in the first rains but I have my share of it in the season. Love how you described the whole place, I could picture you with your surroundings. It’s beautiful ❤ So right about being outside. I get agitated by evening to get out of the office and let my lungs have some pollution ridden fresh air, it feels like life and I cheer up instantly.

    Love rains and love your post. ❤

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I get the same way when I’m inside an office or my home for too long without any rain or shine. I start missing the air and the sun. It’s amazing how nature affects us, isn’t it? Thank you for your lovely comment!

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