Monday Minute: An Oasis

Every Mother’s Day, my family and I go to a nearby plant nursery to pick out some plants for my mother and for our garden. It’s become a tradition of sorts and because we went to visit relatives out of town on Mother’s Day, we put this tradition on delay for today.

It was great to walk around the nursery, and take in all the sights and sounds around me. It was really very calming and it prompted me to write this poem on it:

An Oasis

A cocktail of warm sunshine and cool wind greets me as I make my way to the plant nursery with my family

It’s a balmy spring day with the hint of a cool breeze–winter has passed but summer is still a ways away

I expected it to be warmer but there’s still a coolness to the air that makes me shiver

I step inside and am overwhelmed by a mix of colours, shapes and sizes

Colourful hand-blown glass, smiling garden gnomes, stone plaques with comforting words all sit on shelves

Beautiful and decorative; an addition to the natural beauty all around me

Flowers of every colour sit in hanging baskets above my head, quietly showing off their delicate blooms: deep purple, vibrant fuchsia, bright coral, soft lavender, pure white, sunny yellow…

Herbs sit in their pots, fragrant and fresh as vegetable seeds lie deep in the soil, just waiting to sprout

Birds chirp in their secret language, creating a musical cacophony of sound

Wind chimes ring and toll as the wind dances past them

The water fountain bubbles and lily pads float on the surface of the pond

This is an oasis away from busy suburban life, among the flowers and the plants

Where everything is quiet and still; where the soul is nourished by quiet and calm instead of being parched by daily life

It’s a cocoon: concealing the beauty within before it blossoms outside its shell like a butterfly

Taking flight and bringing with it joy, beauty and peace to the people outside its walls

This is certainly an oasis

I’m so glad that spring is finally here 🙂


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