Monday Minute: An Oasis

Every Mother’s Day, my family and I go to a nearby plant nursery to pick out some plants for my mother and for our garden. It’s become a tradition of sorts and because we went to visit relatives out of town on Mother’s Day, we put this tradition on delay for today.

It was great to walk around the nursery, and take in all the sights and sounds around me. It was really very calming and it prompted me to write this poem on it:

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Monday Minute: A Walk in the Rain

Normally, I don’t enjoy being out in the rain. I associate rain with coolness, dampness and lightning. To me, it means danger: threat of getting a cold or chill, threat of getting uncomfortably wet or threat of getting struck by lightning. But today, I went for a walk while it was spitting and found myself enjoying it.

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Friday Favourites

Follow Friday: Springtime Favourites

Spring is just around the corner–March 20th to be exact. While it’s not technically spring yet, I can feel it in the slowly warming temperatures and see it in the delicate pink blooms on my shamrock. This spring, I also have some blogging favourites.

My shamrock plant with its pink blooms
My shamrock plant with its pink blooms

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