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March Summary: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green
Format: Paperback
Published: January 10, 2012
My Rating on Goodreads: 4 out of 5 stars

The Fault in Our Stars


This was supposed to be a Saturday Summary but my March got very, very busy all of a sudden. I’ve been doing volunteer work, completing an online course and looking for jobs. Even though it takes me forever to finish a book, my love for reading has been rekindled. It’s nice to be able to still fit in an enjoyable read though, like The Fault in Our Stars, despite a busy schedule.

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Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites: Entertainment Picks of the Week

Stories come in many different forms: poems, novels, short stories, TV shows, movies, songs, music videos…and they each entertain, educate and move in their own special way. I think different media teach us a lot about narrative structure, characters and dialogue. And the more we learn, the more we grow.
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Lazy Saturday: Stacking The Shelves #1

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.  I found out about Stacking the Shelves from Brin’s Book Blog. This weekly meme is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves: whether physical or virtual. Continue reading “Lazy Saturday: Stacking The Shelves #1”